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In more ways than I would have ever imagined. Click the white dots below. I’ll make it worth the effort.                                                                                        

Invite me to your living room, library, local bookstore, or book club meeting for a reading/signing event complete with lively Q&A discussion. I’m accessible, game, and happy to be your monkey. I'll make you and your friends laugh heartily and stir up interesting and lively conversation. It’s an unexpected reason to get your peeps together—something new and different! Message me via the V.C. Chickering Facebook page. Let’s set something up!


The TWISTED FAMILY VALUES Summer Book Tour Schedge 2019 - TBD

  • Have an idea for an author event? Need a fun reason to host something? Beginning Tuesday, June 18th, and continuing throughout the summer, I’m here to serve your reading pals with wit and charm. Message me on Fb/Insta and we’ll find a date.

  • Friday, June 21 - Maplewood, NJ - Words Bookstore LAUNCH (8pm)

  • Friday, June 28 - Doylestown, PA - Doylestown Bookshop (7pm)

In the interest of procrastination: Here's a funny 5 min. piece I wrote and performed for 450 peeps in the nationwide 2015 Listen to Your Mother personal essay event. It’s called “Still Smokes”--about my esteemed mother--and if you know someone who still smokes you will laugh out loud, I guarantee it.

The NOOKIETOWN Funny/Racy Book Tour Schedge 2016

  • Tuesday, February 23 - Greenwich, CT - private reading event (7pm)

  • Wednesday, February 24 - Wayne, PA - private reading event (7pm)

  • Thursday, February 25 - Doylestown, PA - Doylestown Bookshop (6:30pm)

  • Friday, February 26 - Chatham, NJ - private reading event (6pm)

  • Saturday, February 27 - Maplewood, NJ - Words Bookstore (7:30pm)

    CHECK OUT:  The NOOKIETOWN Funny/Racy Book Tour launch event video

  • Monday, February 29 - Manhattan, NY - private reading event (6:30pm)

  • Tuesday, March 1 - Mendham, NJ - private reading event (7pm)

  • Wednesday, March 2 - Winchester, MA - private reading event (7pm)

  • Thursday, March 3 - Amherst, MA - private reading event (7pm)

  • Friday, March 4 - Brooklyn, NY - private reading event (6:30pm)

  • Saturday, March 5 - Bernardsville, NJ - private reading event (6pm)

  • Thursday, March 10 - Montclair, NJ - Watchung Booksellers (7pm)

  • Tuesday, March 15 - Park Slope Library, Brooklyn, NY (6pm)

  • Thursday, March 17 - SPINE OUT Show at Dixon Place, NYC (7:30pm)

  • Wednesday, March 23 - Darien, CT - private reading event (7:30pm)

  • Wednesday, June 15 - Bay Head, NJ - private reading event (11am)

  • Thursday, June 30 - Fair Haven, NJ - River Road Books (7:30pm)

  • Thursday, July 14 - Bay Head, NJ - private reading event (5pm)

  • Saturday, August 6 - Seagirt, NJ - The Bee (clothing boutique), (1-3pm)

  • Saturday, August 20 - Pt. Pleasant, NJ - The Bee (clothing boutique), (1-3pm)

  • Sunday, August 21 - Bay Head, NJ - Noon Design Shop, (9am-12noon)

  • Thursday, August 2 - Los Angeles, CA - private book club event (7pm)

  • Friday, August, 3 - Los Angeles, CA - private reading event (7pm)


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